COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Response

Dear Patients,

In light of the rapidly growing development regarding national, state and local responses to the coronavirus (COVID-19), The Maryland State Dental Association recommends all dental practices to voluntarily suspend all non-essential and non-urgent dental care for at least three (3) weeks beginning Monday, March 23rd.  CSD will follow this recommendation and continue to closely monitor the situation, provide updates and statements as the situation evolves. We ask each of you to please check our social media outlets and this website for updates.

During this time if you have a dental emergency, we ask that you please call the practice and leave a detailed message. One of our committed staff members will contact you and give our protocol. You can also email the practice with any questions. Please expect to receive additional communication form the practice on Friday, April 3. 

Thank you for your loyalty to CSD and for your valuable time. Know our entire staff at CSD along with my wife Michelle and children will continue to keep each of you in our prayers as we get through this together.

All the best,