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Our Practice Philosophy

Offering periodontics and dental implant surgery, John V. Louis, DMD, LLC - Center for Specialized Dentistry has been a periodontist in Easton, Maryland, since 1995. Periodontics is the treatment of gum disease.

Our Philosophy

We believe that you, the patient, are the focus of our attention. We dedicate ourselves to excellence, and in doing so, will provide you with the most up-to-date and advanced dental treatment available. We are committed to your dental health, happiness and healthy smile, and will always strive for having clear communications between ourselves, you and our colleagues.

We are committed to providing you the most sterile environment possible — that is why our office meets or exceeds O.S.H.A. and C.D.C. guidelines for sterilization using state-of-the-art dental and sterilization equipment.

Improved Quality of Life

Oral health can affect so much of our day to day experience. A single tooth lost to gum disease can affect our ability to speak and chew, as well as our confidence in the way we look. Tooth replacement with dental implants can provide you with a permanent, secure solution, one that allows you easy maintenance and a natural looking smile. Preparatory procedures, such as bone and gum grafts, can also be performed to improve your oral health.

With BIOLASE laser dentistry, our experienced periodontist in Easton, MD can treat your gum disease with minimal discomfort and a fast recovery time. Unlike traditional surgery, BIOLASE does not require the use of scalpels or sutures to treat gum disease.

Enhanced Health

Sleep apnea can leave you tired and unable to concentrate during the day. Dr. Louis can provide you with sleep apnea treatment to help you get quality sleep and avoid common causes of snoring. Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder is another condition that can affect your overall health, leaving you with difficulty chewing, hearing problems, and persistent jaw pain that can last for years. Dr. Louis offers a full scope of treatment for TMJ problems, alleviating your frustrating, painful symptoms so you can feel like yourself again.

Your comfort and health are our top priority. We believe that a beautiful, healthy smile can change your life, making you look and feel your best. Dr. Louis will evaluate your oral health, listen to your needs, inform you of your options, and partner with you to create the ideal, personalized treatment plan for you. To schedule your personalized consultation in Easton, MD, contact our office today